Succeed in Affiliate Marketing with Eric Lofholm

One of the Top Sales Trainers in the World.

Know you want to be an affiliate, but confused about what it really takes to make money as an affiliate?

Eric will help you avoid common affiliate marketing mistakes like being too pushy or thinking that affiliate marketing is a get rich quick scheme.

We have a proven system for generating sales and you can benefit.

We’ll give you a no-nonsense, concise affiliate program that steers you in the right direction to making money as member of Eric’s Army.  Everything you need to keep you on track and making money.

Free Program Offer - Plus 20% Commission

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Looking for great products to sell?
This program is for you!

How the Free Program  Works:

  • Become an affiliate and simply refer people to us.
  • You can earn a commission on brand new leads that are generated from your affiliate links.
  • We will provide you with an affiliate
    tracking link for specific offers.

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Success Story

My name is Ron Hori and I’m part of Eric’s Army.

“I’ve been in conversation with Eric since 2010 and became an ELI Trainer in 2012. I’ve been promoting Eric Lofholm products and generating leads via social media, speaking in front of the room and networking events.

I send in these leads to Eric Lofholm International and the selling is done for you. When these leads turn into a sale, I get paid an affiliate commission.

Joining Eric’s Army is a great way to earn some extra income!”

~ Ron Hori