Picking a Sales Script to Write: Getting into Action

In my last post, I described three criteria you can use to prioritize your scripts. To recap, you can prioritize your scripts by ranking them in […]

Prioritizing Your Sales Scripts

In my last blog, I described a three-step process for picking which sales script to write first. The first step was listing all the scripts you […]

Which Sales Scripts Should You Write First?

In my two decades of professional sales experience, sales scripting is the most profitable idea I’ve ever learned. Once you’ve got a sales script complete, it’s […]

Getting Ready for the Third Quarter: Making Second Half Adjustments

As the second half of the business year begins on July 1, it’s time to look back on what you did during the first six months […]

Two Minute Warning: Making the Most of the End of the Quarter

In football, a two-minute warning lets both teams know when the end of the first half is drawing to a close, and another warning goes off […]

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