Getting Ready for the Third Quarter: Making Second Half Adjustments

As the second half of the business year begins on July 1, it’s time to look back on what you did during the first six months […]

Two Minute Warning: Making the Most of the End of the Quarter

In football, a two-minute warning lets both teams know when the end of the first half is drawing to a close, and another warning goes off […]

The Fortune Is in the Follow-up

Most sales aren’t closed during the initial presentation. In direct mail marketing and email marketing, it’s long been widely accepted that it may take half a […]

How to Handle Any Sales Objection with Confidence

What if they say “no?” This fear has held back countless sales representatives, just as it has discouraged millions of men from getting dates and stopped […]

Make More Sales by Mastering Objection Handling Techniques

When you master objection handling, you multiply your odds of making a sale each time you deliver a presentation. The reason is because objection handling gives […]

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