Improving Your Sales Efficiency: Revising Your Scripts

Once I was working with one of my coaches and he introduced me to a great probing question: “Do you know exactly what to say to […]

Making a Good Sales Script Great: The Art of Persuasion Engineering

Car manufacturers apply engineering science to improve vehicle performance factors such as fuel efficiency, speed, and safety. NLP psychologists Richard Bandler and John La Valle borrowed […]

Your Springboard for Success: Establishing Your Sales Script Baseline

In earlier blogs I introduced the concept of a baseline. This is a term the sports world borrowed from land surveying. In surveying it refers to […]

Writing Your Sales Scripts One Piece at a Time

A tenth century Persian poem tells a famous story that illustrates how you can build wealth one small piece at a time. When the inventor of […]

Customizing Your Sales Template: Expanding Your Sales Script Outline

Today there is home design software that lets you plan a house by customizing a standard template. The template lets you start with a standard layout […]

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