Planning for Long-term Success: Mapping Your Lifetime Relationship with Your Customer

One of the keys to Apple’s phenomenal business success has been its approach to generating repeat business. Steve Jobs developed a digital hub strategy where he […]

Putting Your Business Puzzle Together: GSA Combinations

Did you or your kids ever try putting together one of those puzzles that has thousands of pieces? If you look at any given piece by […]

Transforming Your Business Vision into Reality: The Z Strategy

Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi illustrates the power of vision. Gandhi was one man, but his vision changed the lives of billions of people. When Gandhi […]

Making the Most of the Fourth Quarter: Planning a Holiday Sales Strategy

The third quarter is drawing to a close, which means it’s time for the holiday shopping season. The average retail store makes 10.1 percent of its […]

Improving Your Sales Efficiency: Revising Your Scripts

Once I was working with one of my coaches and he introduced me to a great probing question: “Do you know exactly what to say to […]

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