The Quickest Shortcut to Selling: Asking Probing Questions

What’s the easiest way to persuade or influence someone? Discover what they want, and then give it to them. How do you find out what they […]

Connecting with Your Prospects: Building Trust and Rapport

People buy from people they like and trust. Because of this, I regard building trust and rapport the cornerstone of the sales process, and I teach […]

Appointment Setting Tools: 5 Essentials for Your Toolkit

In my last blog I shared seven strategies to help you book unlimited appointments and keep your calendar full. Here I’m going to share five tools […]

How to Book Unlimited Appointments: 7 Strategies to Keep Your Calendar Full

Appointment setting is one of the three key systems to grow any business, bridging the gap between lead generation and sales presentations. In my last blog […]

Getting Appointments Is Easy: Mastering the Inner Game of Appointment Setting

The Purpose of Setting an Appointment One key to taking stress out of appointment setting is to realize this simple fact: The purpose of appointment setting […]

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