Customizing Your Sales Template: Expanding Your Sales Script Outline

Today there is home design software that lets you plan a house by customizing a standard template. The template lets you start with a standard layout […]

The Structure of Successful Selling: Outlining Your Sales Script

When a construction company is preparing to build a home, an architect draws a blueprint with detailed plans before the builders start ordering materials or beginning […]

Branding Your Sales Script Sequence: Customizing Sales Mountain

When you’re writing your sales script, the sequence of your script follows the sequence of the steps in the sales process. In my sales training material, […]

Your Map to Selling Success: Customizing Your Sales Model

Gillette razor company founder King Gillette is famous for popularizing one of the most successful sales models of all time: the “freebie.” While developing the disposable […]

The Key Ingredients for Successful Sales Scripting: Your Five Laundry Lists

When you’re getting ready to bake a recipe, you start with a list of ingredients. There are five key ingredients that go into writing a complete […]

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