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Arvee Robinson


I started working with Eric Lofholm in November of 2005. At the time I was generating about $4,000 per month in my business. I was uncomfortable with sales. I did not have a good sales strategy in place. I signed up for virtually every program Eric offers. Eric helped me develop a sales strategy for my public speaking training business. This included developing several new products. By implementing Eric’s ideas I have grown my business 4x! I am now earning a great income making a difference in the lives of others that want to do public speaking. I enthusiastically recommend Eric and his programs.


Curtis Phelan

Curtis Phelan has been coaching clients of all ages and backgrounds, personally and professionally for more than 16 years. Having coached over 10,000 hours, here are some of the things Kurt Coaches people on…

Overcome Fear of Rejection and Procrastination
Generate More Leads Then You Can Handle
Create A Vision That Inspires You to Jump Out of Bed
Become a Cold Market Prospecting Beast
Get More Prospects to Say Yes
Get Your Team to Take Massive Action
Become The Expert in Your Niche
Become A Top Income Earner in Your Company

Curtis is a former U.S. Marine and was raised in Boston, Ma and attributes the high standards that he holds himself, family, friends and clients accountable to because of his training and experience in the Marine Corps as well as working side by side with the world’s Top Peak Performance and Personal Development Gurus.

Curtis is now a highly sought after Leader and Speaker in the Personal and Professional Coaching Industry. In 2000 Curtis was personally recruited, trained and employed by Anthony Robbins (The World’s Leading Peak Performance Expert and Father of Personal and Professional Coaching) in the best concepts and strategies in personal and professional peak performance, growth and transformation.

As one of Tony Robbins “Founding” Master Elite Coaches, Curtis personally coached thousands of individuals including but not limited to Celebrities, Home Based Business Entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 CEO’s, Sales and Marketing Leaders, Peak Performance Athletes, Real Estate Professionals, and other Peak Performance Coaches.

Some of Curtis’s interests include Martial Arts, Yoga, Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness, Movies (Fanatic), Reading (2-3 books a week), Rollerblading, Biking, The Preservation of Nature, Wildlife and Marine Life, Spirituality, Quantum Physics, NLP (Certified) and everything he can get involved with to improve the quality of life for all of us.

Curtis has dedicated his life to mastering what the world’s peak performers and industry leaders practice and teach in their lives daily and has had the unique opportunity to identify patterns and model the underlying strategies responsible for generating consistent results for some of the most successful individuals in the world and mastered how to coach others to produce the same or similar results.

Curtis Phelan’s #1 passion is coaching his Clients, Family and Friends to experience a quality of life that they once thought was impossible and enjoying in the celebration of their victories.

When you speak to Curtis about any of these areas His energy and passion is contagious and you just may find yourself on a journey that will transform not only the quality of your life but also the quality of life for all those you care about.
Here are what some of Curtis’s clients are saying:

Thomas Picture

Thomas Parkinson

Speaker. Trainer. Coach. Consultant.

Communicate Better. Make More Sales. Accelerate Business Growth.

Thomas is an excellent communicator, both one-to-one and one-to-many.

If you are part of corporate America, a closely held family business, a mom-and-pop operation, have a professional practice, or a solopreneur…

If you sell tangibles or intangibles, durable or non-durable goods, ideas, concepts or services…

If you’re in an ‘up’ market or a ‘down’ market…

If you sell or serve Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer or both…

You will find Thomas’ 40+ years of professional sales and sales management experience translate into better communication, more sales and faster business growth for you and your entire organization.

FIRST STEPS: Thomas’ first sales job was a summer job at age 15, going door to door selling for the Fuller Brush Company. Here is where Thomas discovered his love for people and selling.

“It was a lot of fun,” he says, “to knock on a door posted ‘No Solicitors’ and leave the house with a happy customer, a large order and a check in my hand.” In fact he says, “I still love it.”

CAREER: Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications and Psychology, his first full-time commission sales job was selling advertising time for an underdog radio station in one of the nation’s smallest radio markets.

No client list. No yellow-pages. No leads. No training except, “There’s the door. Here’s a rate sheet and 50 business cards. This is the line to hand print your name on. Now, go get ‘em!” All this in a town he only visited once for the job interview. This is how his broadcast advertising career began. He loved it. In six weeks he was writing more business than just about everyone. That’s when a top radio station, in the nation’s 4th largest radio market came after him to sell for them, and sell for them he did.

His advertising sales career spanned 15 years with radio and television stations and even a national television network. He wore every sales hat in the industry from Nicky-New-Kid to Retail Sales Executive, Agency Account Executive, National Sales Representative, National Sales Manager, Local Sales Manager and General Sales Manager.

He constantly met and exceeded sales targets and led his sales teams to do the same.   He became a master of the competitive sale, complex multiple market negotiations, and understanding the client’s needs and presenting benefits and solutions that turned shoppers into buyers, adversaries into allies, and allies into fans.

CAREER CHANGE: At that point he turned his attention to the financial services industry. Starting as a life insurance agent with one of the nation’s premiere life insurance companies he learned his craft well.

For over 20 years, he helped individuals, families, business owners and their professional legal and financial advisors achieve their goals and protect their loved ones as well as their assets and their estates from death, disability and taxes.

Over the last 40 years Thomas has sold concepts, ideas, possibilities and results to people from every walk and station of life. He has led and trained countless others to do the same.

TODAY: Today his greatest joy comes from helping others succeed.

“It is true”, Thomas says, “experience is the best teacher, but take it from me, the tuition is extremely high. You can learn it the hard way, or leverage my wisdom and experience to help you communicate better, make more sales, and accelerate your business growth. It’s really that simple. It’s really that easy. It’s really up to you.”

To invite Thomas to speak, train, coach or consult contact: Thomas@EricLofholm.com
or Call/Text: 206-355-7357


Mandy Pratt

Mandy Pratt started working with Eric Lofholm in the early 2000’s.  She had never been professionally trained in sales before.  Mandy applied Eric’s system to her sales and quickly became a top producer on her team.  She then took her skills to start her own coach training company.  You can find Mandy at http://advancedtraining.resultsincoaching.com/  Here is a video of Mandy sharing her success in her own words.


Kevin Huboda

Kevin Hudoba become a client of Eric Lofholm’s in December of 2014.  In Kevin’s first year as a client he was able to take his already successful real estate business to another level!  Here is a video of Kevin sharing about his experience in his own words.


Alex Branning

I have had so much success working with Eric Lofholm, it’s hard to narrow down what part of his program has been the most impactful.

I started working with Eric on a one-on-one basis, and he encouraged me to hire my first salesperson. I now have a multi-level sales team that is producing five figures per month in new revenue! Eric took me from a novice salesperson to a sales manager!

I am a part of his Guaranteed Results program, and the regular accountability has been a huge driver of my success. I have enrolled my entire sales team in his program and it is so fun to see them grow!

Eric has, without a doubt, changed my business for the better.

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